Upcoming Events:

Winter Fantasy 2014 February 6th-9th

Grand Wayne Center - Fort Wayne, IN


Winter Fantasy 2014 Judge Sign-up

Welcome and thanks in advance for your interest in volunteering at Winter Fantasy. Without judges and helpers like you shows like this would just not exist. I've always said that even when you're judging you're gaming and that is never a bad way to spend the day. We've drummed up some of the best benefits we can to entice you to swap over to the dark side of the GM's screen. This list is in no way complete and we hope to add more over the coming months but if it's listed here then I'm promising you that I'm going to make it happen. Set reasonable expectations then exceed them whenever possible.

The show works on 5 and 8 shifts. Five hour shifts are running games. D&D, DNDNext, Pathfinder, or whatever. This is what 90% of our volunteers will be doing. Eight hour shifts are working HQ, Registration, room helpers (checking badges), etc and come with a one hour break (so they are listed as 9 hours long). While we need both most HQ spots are covered and we normally use registration and helpers for non-gaming spouses and such. So if you want to bring your significant other along and get a free room we do have uses for the gaming impaired.


Room Level: Judge 7+ slots at 5-hours or 4+ slots at 8-hours and we'll cover your room for 4 nights (Wed to Sat) at the show. This year we are shooting for 3 per room but some might go to 4. The earlier you get your schedule in the greater the odds you'll be in a room of 3.

Badge Level: Judge 4+ slots at 5-hours or 2+ slots at 8-hours and we'll cover your badge for the show. Save a few bucks for drinks or vendors and get warm fuzzies for helping out at the show.

Handshake Level: Judge 1+ slots and get a hearty handshake (available at HQ anytime I happen to be standing there). Everybody cannot devote chunks of the show to judging but everything helps and everything is appreciated.

LFR SPECIAL EVENT: In order to qualify and play in PREQ6-1: A Tale of Two Cities (Winter Fantasy DM Special) you must be an established LFR judge, run the BI twice, and judge 7 slots overall. Once I have penciled those into the limited seating for this event I will then place those running the LFR BI twice but not doing 7 slots. After that any remaining seats (unlikely but possible) will be designated for longtime campaign contributers. We want to reward those who have made LFR everything it is for so many people for so many years.

RPGA #: or PFS #: (please leave 'PFS' at beginning of # please)

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Please double check this!!! You will receive your schedule, show correspondence, and scenarios at this e-mail. If you are a PFS judge then this also needs to be the email associated with your Paizo account to properly receive your events. If you want to use different emails please make a note of this with details in the 'Anything Else?' box at the end of the form.
Benefit Level:
Please pick one of the following types of schedules (but not both). Thanks
4- Hour DM Schedule 8-Hour Front Desk/HQ/Helper Schedule
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