Every month Baldman Games organizes a Virtual Dungeons & Dragons Weekend (VDDW). Three full days of online games.

Using Discord as a hub for voice chat we run a multitude of sessions of Dungeons and Dragons adventures, generally taking between 2 and 4 hours. Games often use a Virtual Table Top (VTT) like Roll 20, Foundry, D&D Beyond Maps, etc., but there is of course also Theater of the Mind.

We have all kinds of adventures on offer at all levels of play.

  • Introduction to Dungeons & Dragons; If you have not played D&D, but want to. These are for you! A selection of adventures aimed at introducing people to D&D.
  • Adventurers League Content; The Adventurers League (AL) is the Organized Play campaign for Wizards of the Coast, letting people play and grow their characters from level 1 to level 20. More information on AL can be found here .
    AL is the backbone of our VDDW’s and we draw from the following options:
    • Dreams of the Red Wizards (DRW); The Thayans, of D&D movie fame, are an ever disruptive presence in the Forgotten Realms. The DRW storyline allows you as players to pit your characters against the machinations of these power hungry foes.
      As as Partner Organization for WotC, Baldman Games develops several storylines within AL, including DRW adventures. We have recently finished the Obscure Devotions story and are in the process of launching our new DRW storyline: Kindred Spirits. Our DRW adventures are written for AL legal characters and range from level 1 to level 20.
    • Moonshae Isles (MOON); Adventurers that take place in Baldman Games’ playground in the Forgotten Realms. Having recently completed the Malefic Delusions story, we have the new storyline Promise of Blossoms to come soon™.
    • Dungeon Craft (DC); Community Created adventurers, often ran by their Authors
    • EPICs; Multi-table events ran online using Discord and Twitch. Work together with other tables towards a shared goal.
  • Other cool stuff; Adapted Hardcover adventures, one-off (seasonal) specials, Author Only adventures from the AL Admins, and lots of others things.

For information on what’s on offer at the next VDDW, watch our social media announcements, or join us on our Discord Community

Get you tickets at: http://baldman.link/VDDW-Tix

An overview of our online events can be found here.